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Have you taken a VMware Hands-On Lab lately?

The title really sort of says it all!

For those of you who don’t know, the VMware Hands-On Labs program is a truly unique offering in the industry, allowing customers anywhere to test drive any of VMware’s products in live environments. From anywhere, at any time. For free.

We provide you with the environment, the infrastructure, and all the software – pre-installed and configured. You just bring your imagination and willingness to learn. You don’t have to be a paying customer or be tied to a VMware software account of any kind. Just head on over to and register.

Once there, you can choose from the catalog of more than 50 labs (with 40 new or updated ones to be released at VMworld 2015) spanning our entire portfolio. Whether you’re interested in learning what’s new in vSphere 6, how to deploy advanced vRealize Automation integrations, get some stick time with an EVO:RAIL or see how to start moving your business to vCloud Air,the Hands-On Labs provides a safe and free place to do it.

But (shameless plug alert!) the best part about the Labs are the guidance, manuals and use cases that have been prepared to go along with them. Each lab is carefully designed by customer facing subject matter experts like yours truly, so that you can be sure the use cases are relevant and represent real world questions or situations that our customers ask about daily. Small teams of dedicated VMware employees each take great pride in investing hundreds of hours every year to make sure you have the most seamless, robust, amazing experience possible.

If you’d like to see an example of my work,  HOL-SDC-1421 (Using vRealize Automation to Build and Deploy Services and Applications) is a 101-level vRealize Automation lab my team wrote last year. It’s available in the public catalog now.

At VMworld this year, my dream team and I will be pleased to release HOL-SDC-1632 (vRealize Automation Advanced: Integration and Extensibility) – our most advanced Automation lab ever. You won’t want to miss this one.

Big thanks go out to Burke Azbill (@TechnicalValues), Kim Delgado (@KCDAutomate), Shawn Kelly (@shawnmkelly), and Grant Orchard (@grantorchard) for making up 4/5 of the most collaborative, open-minded, hardest working HOL team in the whole company.

So head on over to the portal and register, follow @VMwareHOL on Twitter, or better yet – join us at VMworld 2015 and take a few labs in person with our expert staff!

Did I mention that the Labs are completely free? I think I might have.


A thank you to all my peers and customers

I’ve been with VMware for just about 18 months now. It’s been one of the most rewarding, challenging, utterly fantastic experiences of my life. We work hard – and we play almost as hard. I’ve taken great pride  in my work with my customers and with my peers throughout the company.

This past week, I received a call from my manager informing me that this work had been recognized and rewarded with a promotion from a Senior SE to a Staff SE. This is a real honor for me, and one that reminds me that while I may have come a long way, I still have a long way to go.

I’m also reminded that none of this would have been possible without all the great and honest feedback from my customers and the various teams throughout VMware that I work with every day. It’s with that that I send out a thank you to all my peers and customers for placing your trust in me. In return, you have my commitment that I will continue to provide the best possible service and support that I can!


Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete post without some kind of celebratory beverage. This photo was taken at a local establishment just a few minutes after I received the good news. Track Seven’s Panic IPA is a stellar brew, made with Amarillo and Simcoe hops front and center, rather than the more common Citra and Cascade varieties. The result is a high-hop flavor (70 IBU) without the face-shredding pucker factor. Lots of citrus and floral notes explode with every sip. Don’t let the can fool you, this is a top-shelf local craft beer. Check out Track Seven next time you visit me in Sacramento!

Cheers, and thanks again.

vRA Live! – Session 2 – Extensibility

Shameless plug here for an upcoming community event that @virtualjad over at will be hosting later this month – vRA Live! – Session 2 – Extensibility

The vRA Live sessions are meant to provide a live and real-time demonstration of the power of vRealize Automation, combined with an expert panel (including yours truly) who will host open discussion and Q&A while the magic happens. They are a lot of fun and incredibly informative.

Be sure to register in advance over at Jad’s blog ( – and we’ll see you there!


Reflections on my first year at VMware

January 2015 marks the 1-year anniversary of when I started my time with VMware. I thought it would be fitting to spend some time reflecting on what has undoubtedly been the most exciting, challenging and satisfying year of my life.

So where to start? I guess the most appropriate and impressive place would be with the people.

I’ve had a lot of jobs in a lot of sectors, at both ends of the country. From east coast startups and higher education to west coast DoD contracts, I’ve met and worked with all kinds of people. And it’s very safe to say that the people are what make VMware really special. I’ve never had the pleasure of working with a more intelligent, innovative, friendly, helpful or welcoming group of people. And VMware as a company goes to great lengths to foster that – they invest so heavily in us; as employees, as citizens and as individuals. The emphasis on charitable works and giving back to our communities are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s amazing and wonderful, and it’s the one thing I wouldn’t trade about this company for anything.

I was also more than a little apprehensive about the total transformation that my life would undergo in order to accept this new job. I was so used to working in cube farms -, could I really make the leap from operations and management of large scale datacenters to working from home and meeting with customers all the time? This was another way that VMware’s people really made a difference. I was fortunate enough to be hired by one of the best managers in the company and join a pretty elite team, all of whom were as eager and pleased as could be to mentor me through that transition. I have been on various kinds of “teams” before, but had apparently never experienced the true meaning of the word. Maybe I should have played more sports… Nah.

The next most amazing thing about this company would have to be the incredible pace and quality of innovation that we produce daily. Some of the most talented developers, engineers and strategists on the planet work for VMware – and I think the reason is that creativity and daring is fostered and even encouraged. Nobody is afraid to take a risk and it shows – just look at the unprecedented growth that the company has experienced over the past few years. The ESX hypervisor revolutionized the way that the industry thought about computing and infrastructure, and in a relatively short period for such a revolutionary shift. Now VMware is tackling the same transformation in so many other areas of the datacenter – networking and security through the NSX product, enterprise mobility through AirWatch, and homogeneous hybridity through the vCloud Air and newly-announced vCloud Government Services.

Finally, I love my customers. I never get tired of interacting with them. Each and every one has a unique story to tell and a unique set of problems that need solving. I get to travel the country and help all of these amazing organizations identify the barriers that are holding them back, then realize the benefits that VMware’s solutions have to offer. It’s one of the most wonderful and truly win-win situations I’ve ever encountered; my customers overcome the hurdles holding them back and transform their businesses, all while saving money. VMware, in turn, gets to keep on being the fastest-growing software company ever and continue producing incredible advances in IT. And I get to have a blast doing it. It’s genuinely a job I can feel good about. It’s fascinating, terrifying, challenging, and most of all fun.

That pretty much sums up my impressions after the first year. I’m looking forward to many, many more – we have so much potential and so many amazing new horizons to cross that the future’s never seemed brighter, not even to Corey Hart.

Incidentally, this bout of lucidity was brought to you by a velvety 2010 Suisun Valley Petit Sirah from Mangels Vineyards. This inky-dark wine has a big, bold mouth feel with tons of fruit on the pallet and a finish that seems to go on forever.  The Suisun Valley is a scrappy young appellation that produces some incredible and somewhat undervalued fruit, one which has the potential to be an increasingly major player over the coming years. I could draw an obvious comparison between enology and the software industry right now, but again… Nah. You got this.

Mangels Vineyards 2010 Petit Sirah

Here’s to the future.

A new concept in wine-fueled Cloud mayhem

A new year is beginning and with it, a new idea for a blog. Hopefully I’ll actually come up with some content for this one.

The overall idea here is to combine the two things I enjoy most – virtualization and alcohol. Now, let’s not start this whole thing out on the wrong foot – I’m not floating around in a kiddie pool on my front lawn, surrounded by Bud Light cans and ESXi discs. Not in December, anyway. We’re going to take a slightly more refined approach to this whole thing.

I hope to assemble some useful info surrounding my specific area of expertise – which is VMware Cloud Management – and combine each post with some info about a particular wine, beer, vineyard, or concept. Maybe I’ll even throw some cheese in there, who knows.

For the moment, this is just the beginning phases of the plan. Stay tuned for more info!